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Our medical and dental commitment is to provide necessary services to the most vulnerable population in our community, ensuring their quality of life. Thanks to your donations, we are able to create health programs that assist those who cannot afford essential services for their well-being.

Social assistance is provided concurrently during our regular public service hours.

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Established in 2000, East Cape Health Center offers comprehensive healthcare services, including medical, dental, pediatric, optical, and specialist care, to residents and visitors in the East Cape region.


Our mission is to enhance the well-being of local families through early detection and treatment of infections and diseases. We extend medical and dental care to all children and families, irrespective of their financial means.


Committed to the belief that every life is equally valuable, we strive to provide equal opportunities for happiness and success. As a registered non-profit in the US and Mexico, all donations to East Cape Health are tax-deductible gifts.


CEO / Founder

Charlene Wenger

East Cape Health Center

Our CEO, Charlene Wenger, arrived in the Los Barriles community in the late '90s and found the perfect place to live. Shortly thereafter, leveraging her profession as a registered nurse, she began volunteering as an assistant to a local physician in the early 2000s. Through this work, she became aware of the healthcare needs in Los Barriles, including the lack of basic services.


In response to this, Charlene initiated a community-wide appeal for donations from both local and foreign residents. Thanks to this support, in 2005, we were able to inaugurate the East Cape Health Center.

Assistant director

Edgar Lucero has been with us since 2013, overseeing the entire operational aspect of our clinics, from managing the medical team to handling internal processes.


Assistant director

Laura Olachea has been with us since 2015, leading the administration department. She is a crucial part of the team, and her role involves the financial management of donation funds.


Contact Information

East Cape Health Center Los Barriles

Emergency Line: 624 160 1997

Reception: 624 124 8203

Dental Clinic: 624 145 2565

Pharmacy: 612 169 9342

Email Address:

East Cape Health Center La Ribera

Emergency Line Los Barriles: 624 160 1997

Reception: 624 124 8203

Consultory: 624 160 5802

Email Address:

Our Allies

Thanks to the support and partnership with different associations, East Cape Community Urgent Care Clinic, A.C. is committed to serving our East Cape community with the best medical and dental care available in BCS.  All lower-income children and families will receive medical and dental care at very low or no cost to the family. 

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