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East Cape Cursos de Verano 2019

Last week, the eleventh Cursos de Verano (2019) were concluded, with a beautiful artistic festival on the community cancha; our dear children had 3 amazing weeks of games and learning. 🧒👧

There was all kind of activities, such as swimming, football, baseball games, yoga, dancing, climbing, painting, recycling, civil protection activities and many more. ⚽️⚾️

Edgar gave the children a tour thru our clinic, in which they were able to learn how the medical tools work, they got to talk to Dra. Selena, and a dental orientation talk with. Dr. Samir.

Thank you very much to all the organizers, sponsors and volunteers, who work year by year to make our community a better place, for everybody. 👏

Photos: Grupo de FB Cursos de Verano 2019

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