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Have you met Dr. Samir? 👨‍⚕️

If you have been at our dental clinic any time, this young and smiling doctor has probably served you, in case you didn't know it, he is a 25 years young man, from this town, and he is a Dental Surgeon, who studied at the Universidad Autonoma from Guadalajara.

He was inspired when he was a child, by his Dentist, Dr. Manolo at La Paz, while he was getting an orthodontic job, both shared a liking for Sport Fishing, a closed friendship born from this experience, plus Dr. Manolo's child was Samir's same age, and today is one of Samir's closest friends, they went to school together and during their time at University they shared house at Guadalajara city.

Doctor Samir's basic education was concluded at Los Barriles, this is why he is a friend with many people in town, on the other hand, the fact he studied high school at La Paz helped him to bear the distance between him and his family while he was studying at Guadalajara, but his heart always wished to come back to his hometown.

By the time he was about to finish his Social Service, ECHC invited him to become a part of the team, he didn't have doubts about it. To be part of this organization has been really meaningful to him since ECHC always finds a way to help the people from the community, a community where Dr. Samir grew up.

In his job, he always tries to find a connection with his patients, so they can feel more comfortables, for him the way to treat his patients is one of the most special areas of his job, in part because this reminds him to the friendship story with his childhood's dentist.

So far, Dr. Samir has lived a few stories to remember, such as his first patient, an older woman around 85 years old who spent 10 years toothless, she only could eat blended food, it took a month to place her teeth again, but the gratitude this lady showed was unbelievable, she was so happy that later she continued visiting the clinic just to say hi. It was very touching for him to realize how his job had an impact on others that it's impossible for him not to feel grateful too.

To study a career like this, may look like a difficult journey, but Dr. Samir likes to remind children and young students that it is always possible to study their dream job if they really have the will and the eagerness to do it. The continuous training is required to perform in any area, right now he is studying a degree on implant dentistry.

We couldn't finish without one of Dr. Ssmir's advices, so he reminds us the cleaning is the foundation of everything, it has to be done after every meal and twice a year by your dentist.

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