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Summary End of January, Welcome to 2021!

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

We started off the new year with new specialists every week! Plastic surgeon Dr. Lopez consulted several patients regarding their lumps and growths. We will have him back every month should you wish to make an appointment. He also does botox and other cosmetic procedures. Our pediatrician, Dr. Emmanuel made his monthly visit to check-up on kids in the community. A few children from Nueva Creacion orphanage in La Paz came for stomach infections and an ear cleaning. Five of the kids had dental cleaning, root canel, crowns, and resin fillings. Your donations help us to provide healthcare to these children and others in our community at low or no cost to families. The gynecologist Dra. Lauren Miranda, and the ophthalmologist Dr. Macias came for a visit as well! If you would like to request a specialist consult at our health center, click here to take our survey.

We have a new calendar system and we are encouraging appointments. It´s especially important to make appointments for COVID testing. We are aiming to do the majority of COVID testing around 9-11 am and 2-3 pm. All the samples for COVID tests, whether you have symptoms or not, are taken outside under the veranda, behind the ambulance. Please respect social distancing and the marked lines on the floor. We recommend testing 48-72 hours before travel for the antigen test in case someone in your group tests positive. Even if you feel fine, we know that at least a % of COVID-positive patients are asymptomatic. So please make arrangements in advance, you can contact us at

After January 30th, the Canadian airlines stopped flights to and from Mexico until April 30th. Some Flights continue to be canceled based on travel restrictions regarding coronavirus. East Cape is not immune from increase cases so please continue to be vigilant. The virus could be wherever you are, so please wear a mask. The vaccine platform for registering adults over 60 is open. If you have a CURP on your temporary or permanent resident card you can apply here: The vaccine will be distributed by the Centro de Salud and probably the National Guard. If you need assistance contact

At one of our telehealth consults in El Cardonal, a woman came for a curiously pulsating neck vein. After consulting with Dr. Gonzalez via telemedicine, she was asked to come to the clinic the following day for a more thorough evaluation. Here at the clinic, we were able to get her an EKG, chest X-rays and blood work to help with her diagnosis of right-sided congestive heart failure. Her pulsating and distended jugular vein was the reason she sought a doctor's consultation via telemedicine and we were able to identify a life-threatening condition. Now she is under the care of Dr. Berzunza, our cardiologist at H+ Hospital in San Jose.

19-GALE, our telemedicine device continues to be an excellent tool for early diagnosis of vulnerable people in rural areas. We started this pilot program 3 months ago with the help of a local teenager, Paloma. She is valuable member of our community rural health team in El Cardonal. We are looking to expand our telehealth services to Cabo Pulmo very soon.

Preventive health check ups can avoid unexpected loss of loved one. It's never easy, especially in a foreign country, where the laws are different. We highly recommend that you get your affairs in order in case of any unforeseen events. Unexpected incidents happen so quickly. If you would like to have a private conversation on how to proceede, we're open to sharing our experiences.

We are always here for our community, whether you´re here for a week or a lifetime we´ll take care of you. To donate to our mission please visit:

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