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Emergency Room


What is done in the emergency medical area?

The emergency department of a hospital is the area responsible for providing medical and surgical care to patients requiring immediate attention. Unlike a doctor's office, it does not require an appointment and can be visited at any time.

At some point we all need to go to the emergency room, either for a personal need or to accompany a family member or friend who requires it.
This service, as complex as it is essential, requires prioritization. The professional resources available are not unlimited. In fact, the service must always be able to meet all demands.
This service is governed by the principle that patient care is not stipulated by the order of arrival, but by the priority assigned in triage. In fact, the importance of diagnosis is fundamental, since a wrong diagnosis can have legal consequences for the health professional.


**Trauma shock area at East Cape Health Center**

Frente Clínica 2_edited.jpg

**East Cape Health Center front view**

"What is urgent is not always critical, and what is critical is not always urgent".

There is a widely used method to classify the severity of patients, the symptomatology they present when they arrive at the Emergency Department, and this allows us to establish the priority of care. The prioritization scale is done in four ranges, based on the basic concept in triage: "Urgent is not always serious and serious is not always urgent".


**Small walkaround of our ER**

We have doctors and nurses trained to provide you with the best service in the community. In case the patient's medical needs exceed our capabilities, we work together with hospitals in Los Cabos, to ensure the most important thing, your health. 

Equipo médico.jpg

**From left to right, Dr. Pérez, Nurse Cristina, and Dr. Aizpuru**

We are committed to providing quality health care services to the Los Barriles area and surrounding communities. 
Our main objective is that financial solvency is not a reason for not accessing our services. 
If you have any questions or want to know more about us, please contact us and get to know us!

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