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Our medical and dental commitment is to provide necessary services to the most vulnerable population in our community, ensuring their quality of life. Thanks to your donations, we are able to create health programs that assist those who cannot afford essential services for their well-being.

Social assistance is provided concurrently during our regular public service hours.

How does it work?


Erika Amador

Social assistance

Erika Amador is our social assistance coordinator, and her work is of utmost importance as she conducts follow-ups in each case to ensure proper patient care

Since its inception, East Cape Health Center has been a cornerstone for the community of Los Barriles. Our commitment is to provide high-quality medical and dental services without the need to leave our town. If you require assistance with any of our services, we invite you to visit our facilities, where you will find programs tailored to address your needs.

In addition to medical and dental care, East Cape Health Center offers a wide range of social and support services, within our regular public service hours. Our mission is to be a reliable and accessible resource for all members of our community, especially those in vulnerable situations.

Requirements to be part of the program

Our Beneficiaries

Contact Us

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If you require personalized attention

Laura Olachea serves as our assistant director, and you can contact her through WhatsApp if you haven't found a solution to our social assistance services.

Whatsapp: 624 177 9228
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