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Medical Center

High quality health care for all


East Cape Health Center is proud to offer comprehensive care to the East Cape community, with special programs for children. All of our services are available to residents and visitors to the community. 

  • Primary & emergency Care: with doctors ready to assist you in any situation, from a medical consultation to emergency care.
    -Meet our 
    ER, click HERE!

  • Clinical Laboratory: Laboratory tests are important because they provide an "inside" view of the patient's state of health. For this reason, many medical decisions on diagnosis, treatment and monitoring take into account the results of this type of studies. 
    -Meet our laboratory, click HERE!


  • X-Rays & Ultrasound: X-rays help us detect bone fractures, certain tumors and other abnormal masses, pneumonia, some types of injuries, calcifications, foreign objects, dental problems. Ultrasound helps us to diagnose the causes of pain, swelling, and infection in the internal organs of the body, and to examine the unborn child (fetus) in pregnant women.

  • Dental clinic: We care about maintaining healthy smiles. Especially in the smallest and most vulnerable. 
    We have a wide range of services for dental care, our dentists are specialists in keeping you smiling.


  • Pharmacy: Fully stocked pharmacy with all types of medicines. 
    If we don't have what you are looking for, we can get it. 
    Come and solve all your doubts. 


  • Social assistance: East Cape Community Urgent Care Clinic, A.C. (A.K.A. East Cape Health Center) has as its mission to help all those in vulnerable situations to have access to quality health services and that their economic situation is not an impediment to receive the care they need.

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