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East Cape Community Urgent Care Clinic, AC is committed to serving our East Cape community with the best medical and dental care available in BCS.  All lower-income children and families will receive medical and dental care for very low or no cost to the family. 

In the past year, in spite of the pandemic,  we have still seen over 1,000 children in East Cape Dental under our hygiene, restoration, and extraction dental program, and 1,200 children have benefited from our Children's 'Passport to Health’ Program. Those who have received urgent medical care and/or wellness check-up, including medication, laboratory, X-Ray, and other diagnostics, all for a small donation from the family.​

     As good stewards of your donations, we have many examples of how we help families. One way is through our community outreach program offering health evaluations, vision screening, baby wellness, and dental hygiene, restoration, braces, and difficult extractions.

Although this year has been extremely difficult, we have managed to keep our doors open to serve the community. We consciously monitor the CDC guidelines and protocols to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus that has impacted our area for over a year. The opportunity to help low-income children whose families are out of work is so simple. We offer our support to these families as benefactors for our services: our physicians, dentists, labs, X-Ray, diagnostic tests, and life-saving medication. 


The story of Jordan, who has diagnosed with Type I Diabetes at the tender age of 18 months. Jordan is a shining example of how our clinic offers life-saving immediate medical attention and medication. When Jordan was first diagnosed, he was in a diabetic crisis with extremely low blood glucose levels. In the beginning, the injected insulin that kept his organs and brain alive was challenged by his resistance to eating properly. He was hospitalized a few times as adjustments were made. Eventually, we expanded his care to include a specialist in Endocrinology, offering the necessary education. 

Jordan has survived many ups and downs during the adjustment phase of proper Insulin dosages for his disease. We continue to support them with educational seminars, regular monitoring of his glucose levels and his medication syringes, and continual lab work.

Jordan has thrived into his 8th birthday now and the family is grateful to receive our support with insulin, syringes, and occasional specialist care. 


Other recipients of our community outreach program have identified 2 teenagers living in La Ribera. 

Both suffer from severe epileptic seizures that have led to hospitalizations. After frequent thorough evaluations, the dosages for their seizure medications are continually monitored and adjusted to ensure the titers are exact. 

In this case, too much or too little medication can substantially alter brain function. This leads to breakthrough seizures and sudden unexpected attacks resulting in fall injuries. 

This again demonstrates the success of our outreach programs offering frequent follow-up, education, lab blood titers to allow room adjustments and the costly medications that prevent seizures. As their medical team, we have managed to provide education on how to detect an oncoming seizure to prevent a fall injury. The severe epileptic episodes can be well controlled by the medication we provide and suggestions on how to live a healthy life even with a seizure disorder. 

Recently, we learned of another opportunity to help a young 3-year-old child, newly diagnosed with deafness. Our plan is to help with some of the costs for the work-up by specialists in Mexico City.  Our long-range fundraising campaign will eventually include the purchase of Cochlear Implants.  

Another 2 years old has undergone identification and treatment for a rare type of cancer in the left eye. 

This rare ocular Cancer is called Retinoblastoma, a long name for a rare, aggressive type of cancer.

We have overseen her diagnostic studies including blood work in our clinic and CT scan in Mexico City. This young family reached out to us for help and we will consider how to best help without enabling.  We anticipate an Ocular Implant, in which the young child will adapt to a glass implant in her left eye. 

In Cardonal we helped Diego and his sister. Their diagnosis was ‘acute renal failure. They were much too young to lose a kidney so we decided to investigate. They came to our clinic in very critical condition.

Through the use of lab work and ultrasonography,  enlarged kidneys were identified. They were referred to a skilled Urologist, who determined surgery was necessary. Their surgeries were successful, and today these now thriving teenagers have a normal life with excellent kidney function. The determination of the kidney disease was genetically linked. 

We continue to monitor all of these children and so many more. Just in the last quarter of the year 2020, we have helped ~600 kids with Medical, Dental, diagnostics,  laboratory, and medications.

​the problem, and now we are monitoring both children on a monthly basis. 

​Thanks to the generous support of our local community and association with Los Cabos Children's Foundation, and International Community Foundation, we are able to assist these and many more families as the children thrive. ​

     The support of sponsors and individual donors like you is critical to our continued success. Please keep our community’s health and well-being in your mind and heart, and dig deep into your pocket when conscience calls.  You can become part of the difference by donating today. 

     Drop by the clinic and make a cash or check donation, or buy one of our supporter T-shirts. Or follow the link below to make a tax-deductible donation online. We also partner with the International Community Foundation to accept donations. Please stop in and see us next time you’re in town.


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Take a look to the Donation Options we have available

another way to help

Another way to support our efforts while benefiting you is to purchase an online digital passport to health certificate.

BUY IT NOW, USE IT LATER; if you are away from your Baja home, you can purchase a passport to health certificate now, and use it when you return, it will not expire until December 2022. 

The impact of this COVID-19 disease has made an impact on the local families of the community. There are many ways you can help us to assist the local residences. Not only children but their families of low income receive medical and dental care in our clinics.  THIS IS ANOTHER WAY YOU CAN HELP US TO TAKE CARE OF OTHERS:


By doing this you will contribute to:
- Keeping our doors open to support the medical needs of the community. 

- Bring health care to the less fortunate families of our community
- Purchasing the necessary protective equipment for our staff and patients.

Please purchase a certificate below and please, check the box if you want to support a local family.

You will get the digital certificate and invoice in your inbox within the next 48 hours. 


A- Passport to Health   $600 USD

This annual program provides a thorough analysis of your health for a reasonable tax-deductible donation of $600US. You'll receive: 

  • Comprehensive Physical Exam

  • 36 Element Lab Panel / CBC

  • EKG

  • Chest X-Ray

  • Ultrasound

  • Stool and Urine Analysis

  • Recommendations for treatment or monitoring health issues

Buy a Digital Certificate


B-General Consultation  $  40 USD

C-Dental Consultation    $  40 USD

D-Dental Cleaning         $  70 USD

E-Whitening                 $ 220 USD

We could use some of these:

F-Simple Extraction      $ 110 USD 

G-Molar Extraction       $ 160 USD

H-Molar Extraction       $ 240 USD

         with Cirjury    

*We would appreciate very much the donations of highlight items.

These times are difficult for everybody, that is why your support is more meaningful and needed than ever. 

Thank you for all that you've already done for our community and our clinic.


Reduce your taxes and support a cause close to your heart!

If you are like most Americans, you probably have already begun your year-end planning. For Americans age 70½ and older, this planning includes taking the required minimum distribution (RMD) from their IRA. If you are that age or older and own a traditional IRA, consider making a charitable rollover from your IRA to  International Community Foundation to benefit East Cape Community Urgent Care Clinic this year!

Your gift will:

  • Not be included in your taxable income.

  • Satisfy your required minimum distribution (RMD) this year.

  • Reduce your taxable income, even if you do not itemize deductions.

  • Not be subject to the 50% limitation on charitable gifts.

  • Must be made directly from the IRA custodian to charity and can be used to create or contribute to an Unrestricted, Field-of-Interest, or Designated Fund.

  • Advance the work of our organization.

Between now and December 31st, you can take advantage of a simple and tax-wise giving opportunity. 
Simply contact your IRA administrator for assistance with making an IRA charitable rollover gift or email The International Community Foundation for help getting started.