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We don’t value a tooth until it keeps us away from our favorite food..

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

A proper dental routine gives your mouth a healthy look and a healthy smell, which means clean teeth with no food remains, and pink gums that doesn’t bleed or hurt during the daily cleaning.

The Dental Care is a basic part of the general Well-being, the following advices are very important to keep your mouth healthy:

- Brush and floss your teeth every day, at least twice a day, the correct movements are significant; to brush the teeth is a very commun activity that we might be doing wrong without knowing it, we invite you to take a look into our post where we explain the proper way to brush them: Click here

- Besides changing your toothbrush regularly (every 3 or 4 months), the use of mouthwash helps to avoid the bacterias formation.

- Did you know your diet impacts your teeth health? The high ingest of sugar arouses the chances of cavity thanks to the plaque formation; it is recommended to drink a lot of water instead of soda and sugar drinks. Drinking water increases the saliva production, which is very important to keep healthy teeth.

- Visit your dentist every 6 month; the most important part of this, is to have a dentist who cleans your teeth, look for cavity and plaque formation, and who could guide you through any possible dental issue.

We don’t value a tooth until it keeps us away from our favorite food; Remember that having healthy teeth doesn’t only help you to look and feel fine, but also allows you to speak and eat properly.

So.. When was the last time you visit your Dentist?

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