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Energize your Life Naturally!

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

If you feel tired, exhausted, week or down for no reason, there is a chance that your body is missing some important nutrients, such as iron and potassium, and complexes such as proteins and sugars, which are essential for your body to have the energy it needs daily.

Foods such as:

Nuts, with high-energy biscuits, bring high amounts of fatty acids besides being a natural antioxidant for the body.

Bananas bring a high amount of potassium, helping to balance the water levels and to strengthen the body's muscles, on the other hand, fatigue and tiredness are usually related to a lack of potassium.

Eggs, there is no higher source of protein than eggs, and they are responsible for the muscles to work correctly as well as transporting the nutrients through the blood flow.

Oatmeal is the font of phosphorus, iron, and calcium, besides being of slow digestion, which means its energy lasts longer. Oatmeal is great to fight high cholesterol levels.

Spinach is rich in iron, magnesium, and potassium, and if you remember Popeye the sailor man, you know Spinach is by excellence the main source of energy.

Plain chocolate is important too, it is not only a source of energy but it helps to be in a better mood as well, thanks to its complements such as tryptophan which increases the serotonin levels in the brain, helping you experience happy feelings. Besides this, Chocolate is rich in iron, Potassium, Magnesium, and vitamins like A, E, B1, and B2.

And we will finish with Water, let's not forget that water and energy ar concted. There is no point in eating all this energy food if you don't drink enough water for the body to be able to absorb them.

Let's remember that water helps to eliminate toxins from the body as well, and the quantity recommended is around 2 litres.

Do not forget to add 30 minutes of physical activity to your daily life, and you will feel a lot more alive and active, you will feel the energy running through your body.

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